Medicaid Asset Protection

Medicaid for Nursing Care


Don't give all the assets
to the nursing home or to Medicaid...
You don't have to!!!

Learn how single patients can transfer assets and qualify for nursing home Medicaid (or other long-term care), using approved Medicaid DRA eligibility rules, while protecting assets from Medicaid, even if already in care.

To protect the assets of
a married couple


  1. The new Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) rules will keep you from protecting assets from Medicaid? - False
  2. You must 'spend down' everything on care before qualifying for Medicaid? - False
  3. If you give away assets, you are automatically disqualified from Medicaid for 5 years? - False
  4. It is illegal to give away assets to qualify for Medicaid? - False
  5. You can give each of your children and grandchildren up to $12,000 without affecting Medicaid eligibility? - False
  6. A Living Trust will protect assets from Medicaid? - False
  7. Once in a nursing home, there is nothing you can do to protect assets from Medicaid? - False
If you believe any of these myths
you need to find out how the Medicaid laws really work!!!

Save tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars!
Use MAPP™ risk-free for the next 90 days!

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Do you have a single/unmarried parent (or other loved-one) who is:

  1. In, or about to enter a nursing home or other long-term care?
  2. Spending $4,000, $5,000, $6,000 or more per month?
  3. Still has savings or other assets that ought to go to the family...not the nursing home?
  4. And wants to establish Medicaid eligibility as soon as possible?

Did you know you can easily learn how (using approved Federal and State MEDICAID eligibility rules) to transfer assets and qualify for nursing home or other long-term care MEDICAID - quickly! Anyone can do it - you just need to learn how!.

The Financial Aid Center For Long Term Care has helped Thousands save $Millions$!!!

With our video, you will learn how to legally protect your assets for your family, even if you're already in a nursing home.

The biggest advantage from using our MAPP DRA Video Package is eliminating guesswork. You'll save money and avoid costly mistakes.

When you understand how Medicaid qualification and nursing home eligibility REALLY works, there is no trial and error.

Find out more about the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan (MAPP™) Video.

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View video and hear what others are saying about the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan
View Video and hear what others are saying about the Medicaid Asset Protection Plan

What is the Difference
between Medicare
& Medicaid?

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